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TSStudios Untold Story

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Bavarian Tuning

2008-11-27 03:14:16 by PigletsMemories

That is me, with a drawing platform reading what I think is true.

Also watch this spiritualness: ilm/mcdonalds/ronald_mcdonald_scared_s illy_wacky_cartoon.html

Bavarian Tuning

Ronald McDonald High School Massacre

2008-10-16 23:26:57 by PigletsMemories

Note: This is a story I wrote about school terror committed by a gunman, later to be identified as Ronald McDonald. The story may seem confusing to you as he is only called the gunman or the shooter until the ending, where he is then identified by the police. The school where the attacks took place is fictional, and no threats are made here.

It was always a good day at the Nicholas de Klerk Academy High School, a school where students aged 14 to 18 chose to attend for their academic performance. The alternative academy school, having an emphasis on culinary arts and health, housed only 350 students and 20 faculty members. All of the atmosphere at the school, filled of happiness, optimism and freedom, had changed on an autumn day of 2006. That day had students left concerned and confused of why the school was a target for such incident, and how they triggered one's emotions to have this such incident even come into reality. The incident, like many of the such, have been exaggerated by the media. It took quite a while for anybody to understand why this happened.

On the said described autumn day of 2006, at approximately 9:00 during the session of first period class, a gunman initially identified only as at least six feet tall and wearing a dark yellow trench coat and holdng a duffel bag, had breached inside the school building by firing a gunshot into a window pane of the school entrance. From there the gunman had entered in the building through the glass infraction and suddenly approached a health teacher passing by. The gunman quickly produced a Glock 22 pistol and fired on the health teacher's face twice, instantly killing him. The eruption of gunfire had people occupied in the school concerned on wheter or not they were gunshots, and the school staff had taken suggestion that they were, having it put on Code Blue lockdown.
The gunman, acknowledged of the school's lockdown from the intercom's messages, produced a second firearm-a Colt M1902 semi-automatic pistol, and approached a health classroom nine feet away from his standing, and fired on the lock and door with the semi-automatic pistol. As access to its' entrance was given, the gunman held his semi-automatic pistol with a brazen and monotone expression, and bolted to the teacher's seat, where the gunman held the teacher at gunpoint by her temple. As students responded with fear, the gunman brandished his Glock 22, threatening to shoot at anybody attempting to obstruct or disarm him. Police sirens were being heard, and police cars were converging near the school entrance, only 20 feet away from where the gunman was standing. After taking notice, the gunman fired a shot to the ceiling and taken the whole classroom of 27 students and a teacher hostage. Only eighteen seconds before a police officer could locate the room of the gunman, he had chained the outside doorknob with a Post-it note reading "IF YOU ATTEMPT TO BREAK OPEN THIS YOU WILL RECEIVE A FATAL RESPONSE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED" in Sharpie ink.
The gunman quickly took out a baclava ski mask from his duffel bag, hiding his identity. As police officers were heard shooting and infringing the door chains, the gunman had selected shooting victims at the beginning of his siege. A student was asked whether or not he supported the financial aid for McDonald's, and responded with a sonorous "no." Three bullets were hit to his face and abdomens, instantly killing him, causing traumatic shock from witnesses. Seconds later, the teacher, who was held at gunpoint in emotional traumatic fear, was shot in the face twice after attempting to throw a chair at the gunman. The women died an hour later from her wounds after being in a state of extreme unconsciousness. The two bodies were covered with cellophane and long white sheets of paper to hide them from authorities.
After two minutes of attempting breaching, two heavily armed police officers with thick bullet-proof vests donned on barged inside the classroom entrance and drawn guns at the gunman, leading to a stand-off. The police ordered the gunman to drop his weapons and surrender, though the gunman still threatened his hostages. Despite the fact that the gunman was already an extremely dangerous threat for allegedly murdering a teacher (which police had found the dead body of when entering the school), he was not shot and was taken a chance of being able to negotiate with police during the stand-off, which supposedly would have lasted for hours. Through the process of four hours and eighteen minutes that the siege was held, the gunman made at least three threats to kill himself and the students in the classroom, but made no visual threats by blatantly drawing or brandishing a weapon at one another. The gunman was never identified by authorities during the process of the siege, through hints were given that had suggested who the gunman was. At about 1:50 local time, the gunman abruptly put his hands down his pocket, and took out what would have been suspected of a weapon by police, in which a 14-year veteran, from a 12-feet range, fired two shots that lodged through the gunman's legs and arms. While the gunman had been shot, he threw a Molotov Cocktail at police officers, who attempted to shoot him, and flames erupted. As police officers, some catching on fire, stood from a far range, attempted to fire bullets at where the gunman had tried to conceal himself in the classroom.
Multiple shots were heard by police, and as students attempted to run for their lives, the gunman fired at nearly every student inside the room, killing four and wounding eight; another injured died later in the hospital. About eight others, including those who were shot, catched on fire. Two died from the flames, other suffering from severe fifth-degree burns. The gunman fled from the scene of the classroom, and had suddenly been scanned by police. As police approached and exchanged gunfire the gunman, the gunman disarmed himself by throwing his weapons and duffelbag on the floor, and quickly limped on his knees to a restroom with multiple gunshots on the arms, legs, and abdomen, and committed suicide by using his shoes to suffocate himself. He died before police found him in a urinal either in a condition of unconsciounsness or death. The corpse was found only sixteen seconds later after his death, and the death had been ruled out as a suicide. The method of suicide the gunman had committed had took about six hours to confirm.

As students, teachers, and police officers were (mortally) injured by either gunshots, flames, or glass and broken debris were taken out on stretchers to multiple hospitals-via hospitals, via ambulance vehicles, and some were rolled on their stretchers on their way to the hospital. It took about seventeen hours to conduct the real number of casualities from the killing spree, which was released to the media as 11 dead including the perpetrator's death, and around 17 to 20 injured.
Though what really had to be known by the people, especially the media, was who was the gunman? Who the hell shot all of these people? Who would have such nerve? The name of the shooter was identified as the religious deity and fast food chain founder, Ronald McDonald, of McDonald's. Some of the people who witnessed the attack recognized a few of his features, but could not conjure that it was really him. It really took some thinking, but the police were only able to identify him. People either knew Ronald as a good man, or an evil bastard.
The motive was also a big question, too. Why? Just why? Why did he shoot everyone? Why did he have to do this and then take his own life? It was because that the school he targeted was really a piece of shit that kept insulting his fast food establishements. The health program did their best to discourage eating at McDonald's. That certainly pissed Ronald and His people off, and seeing as he didn't take the shit, he went in the school, armed to the teeth, and shot and committed arson in which he called "McTerrorism." Ronald's suicide does not mean he is dead-he is immortal, especially in the spirits, and he can return to the planet of Earth at anytime he wants. Ronald lives in a different world, of different mortality, and if he wants to, he can return to Earth to terrorize and raise Hell and leave. Ronald, though may be known for his terrorism, is not a man of evil, he is also known as a man of love.

As President George Bush sent his condolences to the people affected by the tragedy, as vigils were attended by many, and as people worldwide sent their condolences and tried to make this world a better place-they were not aware that Ronald had a good reason for this. He was suffering. Or at least that was what his followers were thinking.

The Decline on Newgrounds

2008-09-11 01:23:36 by PigletsMemories

Newgrounds has been declining over the past few years, but what the fuck...

I knew Foamy has been around for years, and has been liked, and I'm just like a broken record player having to say this: but Newgrounds is declining day by day. Foamy used to be at a more fair 3.9 score (should be really 1.5), but now it's 4.2 with the shitty fanboys clogging up Newgrounds. Nothing at all is improving. There are some good animators, and good people in general, but the amass of shitty animators who get all of the
(mostly) positive attention and naive 12-year-olds who have no concept of flash animation, are contributing to the decline; wait, they are of the decline.

Also, the spammers here aren't even funny. StagBeetle?? You've got to be kidding me. This guy is not funny, he's not cool. I just knew him as some guy who had American pride who tried to make fancy drawings and fit in with people. StagBeetle Day? Please... just... no. We don't care. Go away.

I come on the internet for communities to just chill out and churn my own stuff for display, and get to interact with the community, but Newgrounds is just making me sick. I try not to care about the Internet, but it's a retreat of mine and it's one of my depression or anger reliefs.

It pisses me off. I lost all of my motivation to churn out any Pigletfaces with my buddies because of this how this site has been. This site, 2005 or before that (disregard my sign-up date, I've been here on many accounts years back), did at least good for me... but now? Ugh...

Moving to another site is being considered, but I really like this site's format, so I don't know. The community here sucks.

Newgrounds review mods, go fuck yourself

2008-09-02 20:04:22 by PigletsMemories

Stop deleting my reviews because they do not agree with the POPULAR OPINION. I have the right to my own opinion, so go fuck yourself if you think it's right to obstruct me from having one. I followed the TOS for reviewing, and simply the review gets deleted by a review mod because I didn't like it. I made my review just only a few sentences, but it was a humble one as I've said.

Is this abusive? ( a review on the Do you have a waffle?)

"Summary: Alright animation...
Review: That was actually depressing to watch, seriously. It just seems like something people will think is funny and whacky, but I didn't enjoy this the slightest bit. I'm just giving out my humble opinion, but I disliked it much."

Shove my review up your asshole, review mods.

UPDATE: I did review the movie again, and this time I was even more polite without even saying "Awful" or "Bad." Happy there, you shitbag mods?

Rants and Pigletface collab

2008-08-31 20:45:58 by PigletsMemories

This mongoloid is one of the most stupidest people I've encountered regarding Pigletface and myself. Throughout the whole convo, he wouldn't stop bitching about me being an "immature prick" or "that my movies were shit," and falsely accusing me of downvoting his movies. Most of what he said was basically repetitive bitching. In fact, the last time I've bothered him was two months ago, and he unblocked me for some reason and exaggerated about what I've done to bother him in the past to just piss me off. This shithead needs to just grow up and get his head out of his ass because eventually he'll get his ass kicked in real life for being this much of a bitch to people. Nobody cares about his shitty life, and he should realize that sucking-up to semi-pro animators on NG isn't going to get him far into his animation hobby. He probably gets stressed from his movies not becoming big hits, and takes it out on people like me. I hope he hangs himself so he helps with overpopulation, and we wouldn't have to deal with his bitching.

His flash is an overrated piece of shit that didn't get my attention at all until he IMed the shit out of my account to get me to see it. I disliked it. Basically the movie portrayed him as a "hero" going out and killing people (shitty animations). What an egotistic, unrealistic waste of oxygen. He accused me of downvoting his shit movie, and I guess it's wrong for me to have my own opinion on something. He got a shitload of friends like the fuckhead known as Frozensheep to 10 and 5 the movie, but it didn't deserve it at all. I haven't even payed attention to him in quite a while, but he keeps unblocking me on AIM to take out his real life events on me. He needs to just grow up and realize that what he's doing is completely worthless.

Thebackalleys is just a bunch of stupid fucktards, with the exception of a couple, who can't get their heads out of their asses and realize that most of the stuff I said was just a bunch of jokes. I don't have a specified autistic spectrum disorder, but if I do, why does it matter? Anyways, you guys can go fuck yourselves. I usually never act like this because I try to be cool, calm, and collect online, because obviously, this is the Internet, and it's a place I go to to fulfill my hobby. These kind of people are responsible for the decline of the Western civilization. These people make me lose faith in humanity. They need to be shot in the head for the sick animals that they are. Because maybe one day these fuckers will mature and realize that their negative contributions are what's REALLY fucked up about this world.

Anyways, enough with that, I was being carried away..

I shouldn't be distracted from other things that are more important because of this little argument, but I try my best to be open about these kind of idiots.

Pigletface Collab
Anyways, the Pigletface collab is still in production (see last blog). I will have it released when anyone feels like they have enough time to complete their piece. I'm shooting for late September to anytime in October to get this baby done, but I don't that to put pressure onto anybody. Take your time, work at your own pace, and something good will come out of it.

The following is a sample of the Pigletface collab art:

Rants and Pigletface collab


2008-08-10 16:07:27 by PigletsMemories

This collab has a theme. Draw deranged, psychedelic or surreal drawings of Pigletface. They can be exported from any program--flash, Paint, photoshop, any painter, etc.--and send it to us. Send us one, send us a dozen, we accept it. You can send us looping animations, too.

Specs are of the reg., see what you can do.

Will be due on Sept. 25 (my birthday).

Pigletface Soundtrack Album I

2008-08-07 04:02:00 by PigletsMemories

The debut album of Pigletface and Staticfriends, Pigletface Soundtrack I, is now available. It contains six tracks in 128 Kpbs .mp3 format in a .rar file along with the album cover in .png format. The songs are noisy mash-ups with static industrial sounds, with the concept of the album being a soundscape of a world Pigletfaces inhabit. The music was done by me and Mike P. and Christian T. for extras, in which we don't really have any music skill or concept of making music, so don't expect it to be any good. This is basically an experiment.

1. Tortorous Damnation - 0:54
2. They have taken our confidence, but we still remain - 1:25
3. The Persistence - 2:15
4. Spoiled Rum - 0:40
5. Process 0 - 4:30
6. Foul Swine - 1:24

Album length: 11:11

Download it here.

(NOTE: you'll need the program WinRAR to extract the files in the mp3 format)

Pigletface Soundtrack Album I


2008-08-04 23:26:13 by PigletsMemories

Same specs, etc., go.

due by 8/8