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2008-08-04 16:35:44 by PigletsMemories



Collab 3

2008-08-01 03:33:40 by PigletsMemories

I am doing another collab, so send me your parts.

default size
24 fps

No theme, just make anything Pigletface related. I'll pretty much accept anything, just send your part to the following resources: PM me the fla over a host site, send it to me on AIM.

Due date: 8/4

Why the fuck is this shit a 4.31 with a 9.6 review score? It was just a stolen video clip with mediocre voice acting. Personally, I didn't find the humor even remotely funny, rather very boring.. What the fuck happened to this being a FLASH portal? Just because that shit was exported in Flash doesn't mean it's a flash animation. Fuck, Pigletfaces will live on to their fullest and I don't give a shit what you think about them. We'll keep going.


2008-07-28 14:01:54 by PigletsMemories

All of the Pigletfaces will be listed here: The series is mainly done by me (Blue), and RCrap while we're thinking through the hexagonal glass. The last episode clocks in at the 72nd episode.


2008-07-25 21:19:04 by PigletsMemories



I'm pretty pissed off here. Wade or another admin deleted our underdog movie because he thought it was mass reviewed to receive it. I guess he has a valid reason to, but what REALLY fucking pissed me off is that he deleted 10 of our Pigletfaces (including the two collabs) FOR NO FUCKING REASON, along with a few Rcrap movies. I can't think of any reason for the admins to delete them, other than having it linked from another account. And anyways, the underdog is usually mass reviewed with alts, why did Wade pick on ours?

Also, should we keep submitting? However, what I really am thinking of is getting back at NG for this. arie...ay=15&year=2008

Forum and music

2008-07-03 06:39:59 by PigletsMemories

the Pigletface boards.

The band's profile is here. We now have three members, one of them being rumblemunky, who provides the guitar and keyboard/synths. We have five tracks out so far of the debut album.

Forum and music

New Music Track

2008-07-02 03:38:41 by PigletsMemories

An Audacity fuck-up I made called My Friendus Need Me. Check it out here. It's supposed to have that distorted, shitty sound. Expect more Pigletface tracks. (Yeah, it sucks, but it's a try for me).


2008-06-30 07:45:31 by PigletsMemories

Unfortunately I've been getting the summer blues and I have a hard time going to bed any time before 7 AM. My sleeping sched is fucked... what to do? I still feel a bit tired and extremely lazy during the nights, and not even motivated to work on a Pigletface, so I hope any of you can suggest any solutions to my sleep problems...

in the mean while, check out my profile. Listening to music, a lot of it being in the industrial or electronic genre, really helps inspiration for a Pigletface.

Pigletface V

2008-06-29 03:07:59 by PigletsMemories

Coming soon.