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Asshole of the Month Award

2009-03-18 18:27:48 by PigletsMemories

goes to Malachy, who is also a moderator of the website. This asshole wins an award for banning a person without evidence he or she did something, just basically assuming so.

What makes you think so?

Let me show you. My movie, Drew Pickles, won underdog of the week because a series of CLIFFORD__ alts mass reviewed it 10s to have it receive the review award. And guess what? Malachy is giving me a portal ban because:

"Using alts to steal portal award"

There is no proof I did it. It could be a friend who I asked to do it, or a friend who did it without my consent. Another possibility is that it was somebody trying to frame me and have my account deleted, like another senseless prick. Now I'm not naming any names, but I shouldn't be the suspect here because it's my movie. In the real world, you can't just put a restraining order against a person for no reason, or, if you're the police, arrest everyone inside a bank during a robbery, or arrest anybody who owns a gun because of a shooting case.

You are scum, Malachy.


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2009-03-18 19:10:39

so using your pigletface alts had nothing to do with it either?

PigletsMemories responds:

They are alts used by other users so not really.


2009-03-18 19:32:15

Damn! I thought it was going to be me...


2009-03-19 03:25:45

am i the only one who find it funny that a 14 year old kid is griping about being bad and making up 20 bs reasons how it couldn't be him this is the reason kids shouldn't be allowed to use the internet

PigletsMemories responds:

I'm 15. Learn to read.
What the hell are you talking about?


2009-03-19 07:57:57

Perhaps this will make you feel better? /487664

It feels good to make flash again.


2009-03-19 21:01:06

You have given me the gift of silver.


2009-03-20 08:32:00

This is just to funny great less spam in the portal now.


2009-03-21 13:08:27

Is this portal ban permanent or temporary?

PigletsMemories responds:

Wait. I said portal ban?

Actually it was a review ban. Not sure why I wrote that.


2009-03-22 11:21:15

Ah, that sucks.

But at least you're not banned from the Portal (has that even happened before? And I don't mean account deletions or IP bans, but still having an active account and not being allowed to submit shit).

PigletsMemories responds:

Yeah I have.


2009-03-25 18:26:54

NO!! why did Pigletface get deleted? ;(